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Wellness weekends are designed to restore the physical and mental health of our participants.  They are held in serene beach, lake, and mountain settings at luxury resorts for the most relaxing experience.  There are interactive sessions, activities, tours, and rest time to fully rejuvenate your group.  Talent leading the wellness weekends includes experts in health, wellness, disease prevention, psychology, and communication.  Sessions offer a balance between core content to inform and inspire, with fun experiences to maximize relationships and communication.  The all-inclusive experience only requires you to book a flight for your group and experience wellness for the weekend.  Get ready for lifestyle changes.

Beautiful Women
Beach Meditation


Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired?  Need to relax and recharge?  Or, is it just time to treat yourself? Get a group of your friends together for the girls wellness weekend. Learn healthy habits, gain mental clarity, and connect with friends.  Gain confidence while restoring your physical and mental health.


Is your team stressed and on the verge of burning out?  Is your team functioning at an optimum level and you want to sustain the success?  The corporate wellness weekend delivers interactive sessions to support your team's physical and mental health, and effective collaboration.  Learn healthy habits, increase productivity, and improve team morale. Promote team connection to your mission.


Choose the setting that works for you and we will develop a customized itinerary for your interactive, restorative experience. Destinations include:

Scottsdale AZ
Huntington Beach, CA
Mandalay Beach, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Colorado Springs, CO
Vail, CO
Maui, HI
Albuquerque, NM
Myrtle Beach, SC
Austin, TX



For your itinerary...

Corporate Wellness Weekend Highlights:

Walking Tour
Healthy meal meetup
Self Care
Stress Management 
Work-Life Integration 
Healthy conflict resolution
Purpose Driven Productivity
Healthy high performance 

Girls Wellness Weekend Highlights:

Walking Tour
Healthy meal meetup
Stress Management 
Work-Life Integration
Group Photo Shoot
Guide for Getting Pregnant/Restoring body after life’s changes
Purpose Driven Work

Includes Expert Facilitation, Headline Workshops, Food, and Luxury Resort Accommodations

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